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This is the primary function performed by the SKIM. The efficiency of the system is the result of a water-air exchange through the generation of micro-bubbles under pressure with a sub-micron filtration capacity. This means that all suspended matter – right down to micro-organisms (bacteria etc.) – is trapped in the extracted foam (the result of the INNOPURE® process).
The SKIM achieves a treatment throughput of 100 m /hour. It is capable alone of treating 7.5 tonnes of shellfish in 24 hours.

An artificial holding pond is only functional if several parameters are met. Among these, oxygenation is paramount. This function is performed by the SKIM and results directly from the generation of micro-bubbles under pressure which offers optimum oxygen dissolution in the water.

If efficient purification is to be achieved, it is essential to treat the entire mass of water in the pond. To do this, a strong current causes sedimented matter to be re-suspended so that it is directed towards the treatment apparatus (followed by an extraction phase). Thanks to its geometry (suction and 45-degree discharge), the SKIM system lends itself perfectly to this function. In certain situations, we supplement this current pattern with the installation of a relay water circulator.

The SKIM is characterised by its simplicity of maintenance.
In fact, since it has no filter maintenance is restricted to cleaning the foam collector and the plexiglass cone. A water supply connected directly to the cone is sufficient to maintain the SKIM in perfect working order. No filter clogging is possible with the SKIM.


Throughput100 m3/h Tonnes of products held on a 24-hour cycle (crustaceans)4 t Tonnes of product depurated on a 24-hour cycle (shellfish)7 t Electricity consumption2.1 kw PositioningSubmersible in a flotation system or remote from the pond (outside holding) Current patternHydraulic flow expelled by discharge


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