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Seaweed washer

Seaweed washer

The seaweed washer or seaweed washing machine, is especially designed and manufactured for processing of fresh seaweed. The seaweed is cleaned in the bubble bath. Through peristaltic air tubes the products are going further into the machine. After cleaning the seaweed, the seaweed is carried out with a Stainless-Steel wire link belt. The seawater what is been used in the washer is constantly circulated in a closed system. But there is also the option to feed the machine with fresh seawater.

Advantages are:

• Automatic dump valve for waste
• Powered floating parts separators
• Air tubes for peristaltic product transport
• Circular closed water consumption system or constant supply of fresh seawater.


CapacityMax. 2000 kg/hour input LengthApprox. 6.000 mm WidthApprox. 1.000 mm HeightApprox. 1.800 mm


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