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It is essential to have uniform circulation if filtration of the total mass of water is to be achieved. The complementarity between the filtration system and the current pattern provides an optimal treatment solution. The RIO is ideal for substantial volumes of water.

It displaces the mass of water in the pond and constantly disperses both the dissolved oxygen and the temperature (where thermal regulation is present). It is a true filtration booster.

The current pattern restricts the formation of different thermal strata, having a general influence on the metabolism of the aquaculture products. A water volume that is uniform in terms of temperature and oxygen is created, which is beneficial for the stocking of all aquaculture products. The creation of dead zones (which favour the development of bacteria) is prevented.

The circulation delivered by the RIO can be combined with water oxygenators (FORCE 7/STORMIX) in order to achieve wider dispersion, so as to provide oxygenation for the existing circulation. Such combinations are used for large ponds.


Technical details: Submersible motor Option of floating deployment and angled injection (possibility of directing the flow). Corrosion-protected motor in marine-grade bronze as an option
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