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Working on the same principle as the SKIM, this is the primary function performed by the PROTOS. All suspended matter – down to micro-organisms (bacteria etc.) – is trapped by the micro-bubbles (the result of the INNOPURE® process) generated by the water-air exchange. The PROTOS is now establishing itself on the market as an alternative for smaller businesses without the space for the SKIM.

A product holding pond is only viable if a number of parameters are met. Like the SKIM, the PROTOS oxygenates the holding pond and the products (INNOPURE® process). Thanks to its dual gravity return (Ø90), the PROTOS disperses the treated and oxygenated water.

Positioned outside the pond, the PROTOS is not directly submerged and offers the possibility of connecting the treatment system to multiple ponds by means of an adapted hydraulic circuit.


Troughput15m3/h Tonnes of products held on a 24-hour cycle (crustaceans)2t Tonnes of products depurated on a 24-hour cycle (shellfish)4t Electricity consumption1,35 kw PositioningOutside Current patternHydraulic flow expelled by gravity return
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