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Hexcyl Longline baskets

Hexcyl Longline baskets

Hexcyl Oyster baskets and accesories are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.


  • Five basket sizes to suit all shellfish growth sizes
  • Suits Oysters, Scallops, Sea Urchin and other shellfish
  • Hexcyl Pro Baskets are 66% bigger than 15 litre baskets
  • Greater stock density equals reduced operating cost
  • Larger footprint increases productivity by 40%
  • Even stock distribution and improved stock quality
  • Each basket handles up to 10kg (22lb) of stock
  • Quick assembly
  • Impact resistant in the coldest climates
  • Service life exceeds 10 years (under normal use)
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